Norwegian Conversation

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Due to Covid-19, these classes have been transferred to Zoom classes.  Update: Under discussion is the possibility of Zoom classes in the fall of 2023, to be determined.

The emphasis is on learning words and phrases and pronunciation.  Interesting topics are assigned with very little homework. Grammar is not stressed but is introduced from time to time.  Our instructor brings a casual and fun approach to learning.

The language level of participants encompasses a wide variety of skills with a goal of improving or learning for the first time words and phrases.  You are welcome - whatever your current level of Norwegian is – to join others to move that level up just a little bit and to also enjoy this social activity. At times we are fortunate to have fluent Norwegian speakers join our group.  

On the Sons of Norway, head office site: 

Visitors to “Norwegian in 5 Minutes a Month” have asked for information on the Norwegian alphabet and genealogical terms, so we have added pages on both topics. 

Notice to Members: You can access language lessons with sound in the Members Login area. If you are not a member, you will not have access to audio. 

Norwegian for Reading Comprehension - Learning Norwegian is never easy, however, especially for adult learners who may not have access to university extension programs. Even those who are lucky enough to study in a classroom often find that their instruction in modern standard Norwegian is not always useful for understanding older documents or texts written in the minority language form.  MEMBERS: look under member resources / cultural programming / Norwegian for Reading Comprehension for access to this information.


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